WORK and Perseverance

Work and perseverance no one is given the gift of absolute knowledge.

Each one his level of comprehension, each one his approach, each one his vision, in spite of that, in spite of our native abilities, we are given the possibility to raise us much more than we would have imagined in our knowledge, our know-how and our humanity .

Charge us to reveal ourselves in the work and our daily devotion.

RESILIENCE Failures as motivation

We adopt the posture of accompanying a movement, without suffering, just do with it, like a reed in the wind. In some cases we admit falling, and as many times we get up again and again. 

In some cases, we break, and in the reconstruction we admit the felures and embellish them with gold, this « KINTSUGI », too slow for some, where we clean,

cure and heal, born a real and sincere sublimation of our projects.

The state of mind that we both share.


THE GNLS GROUP, created in 2004, is the result of an atypical reflection that combines work and thought, personality and complementarity in the fields of science, arts and crafts.

Our motivation to develop our businesses is based on the knowledge, know-how and humanity that constitute the future of our projects and our companies. We focus and develop constantly to meet our evolution and questioning, our research base is based on organization, skills and tools.